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For too long we have grumbled about our situation in money, life, work, family and it seems about everything that we are not satisfied with. This is for Christians as well as non-Christians. Nothing seems to satisfy us and we want to blame it all on someone else for causing this when it is actually our fault. We should all think about how the world was in the day our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave up His heavenly Kingdom to be born of a woman and become a man. Not a king either but a son of a lowly carpenter born in a barn in a manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes. Our creator was from His birth born to suffer and die on a cross to forgive all people of their sins. What right do any of us have to grumble and complain about our life? We all need to praise God and thank our Lord Jesus for blessing us so much! We need to pray not only for our friends in Christ but also that the people who don’t know Christ come to Him and be saved! We all need to be content with what we have been blessed with. Whether we are Christians or not, we need to live as Christ told us to live. We all need to love our God with all our heart, soul, mind, spirit and strength and to love everyone else as ourselves. Give our cares, worries and depression to God and He will give us back peace. All we need to do to receive God’s love and blessing in our life is to ask Him for it. God asks each of us to love and praise Him. Isn’t this what we owe Him anyway? If we stop and think about it, He has given each of us much more. Love each other and God and have peace. Ask God to give you His Holy Spirit to live in you always and remember that whatever you ask of Him, He will do. It says this in His Word (the Bible) and our God never lies.

This devotion given to you from our Lord through Rev. Kevin Zell of The Ministry Inc.

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