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In school children used to be taught the true Word of God (The Bible) and the truth behind why the pilgrims fled from the tyranny of English royal rule sailing thousands of miles across an endless sea which they thought would mean their certain death. The “Holy Spirit” used to have control over our government which you can see in our constitution but that is being changed by an “Evil Spirit” which we call Satan. Satan was actually created by God, which all things are. And so were His demons. As all things evil they will be defeated by our Lord Jesus Christ. We are told this by God himself and He cannot lie where Satan cannot tell the truth. We need to take control and teach our children God’s Word and tell them why Christians would rather die than live in oppression under the control of a government run by evil lies. The truth taught to our children is being replaced by the government which is run by Satan with evil lies about abortion, gender reformation, and being allowed to choose what gender you want to be. They are also being taught that it is fine to marry within your own gender and to be racist. They are being taught that killing another human is fine and will be tolerated if you don’t get caught. Children used to be taught to respect the home and family but now they know they cannot be punished so they do whatever they want. The Christians used to run the government and now the government runs the Christians. It is time we took back control of our schools or at least home-school our children. They need to know! They have a right to know! God bless all of our children through Jesus Christ!

This devotion has been given to you by the Holy Spirit through Rev. Kevin Zell of “The Ministry Inc.

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