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We must all pray each day for our protectors in blue patrolling the streets and watching over us all. Why must everyone of us do this? We must all ask ourselves if these people are doing this for anything they get, or if they do this because of what they are being led to do by what is inside of them. I recently discovered I had an old TV show I could receive called “Adam- 12”. I started watching the show and all the time I cried and prayed. I found out this old series I used to watch was near the truth. These people risked their lives for all of us. Our Savior Jesus came to us to suffer and die on a cross to redeem all of us and asked for nothing in return. Our law enforcement does the same. Our government is attempting to de-fund our law enforcement. All I can think of is this is the evil spirit acting within like in our schools. I would encourage all of us to pray for our law enforcement and to vote against the government officials trying to hold them back or have others kill them for lack of funds/equipment. Please “In the Name of our Savior Christ Jesus” help them do what needs to be done for His Glory and our protection.

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